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Cressi Ocean + Tao

RM 300.00 RM 210.00

Weight: 500grams

Model: OceanTao

Brand: Cressi

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The patented concept of raked lenses and their special “inverted drop” is developed further here. The lenses are placed ,  with the further increase in the field of vision taken to the maximum  levels possible. The soft silicone skirt has a new profile and a wide  sealing ring for excellent grip and unprecedented comfort. The internal  volume of the mask is , lower than  that of many free diving models and the weight is decidedly low. Two  pressure buckles, integrated into the headband, allow for quick and  accurate adjustment of the strap. The surface of the snorkel has been  treated applying a for an original  visual effect. When used in combination with other camouflage equipment,  divers become almost invisible underwater!


Technical Feature 

  • 2 Window mask 
  • Tempered glass
  • Micro metric adjustable buckle 
  • Soft silicone 
  • Good fitting asian face

The Tao is a semi-dry snorkel that allows divers to take every breath with confidence and focus on the reef below not on worrying about water in your air way.

The top Splash Guard is designed to reduce water intake. A generous bore contoured tube provides ample airflow and a lower purge valve enables instant clearing when needed.

The mouthpiece is made in soft silicone to ensure comfort.