Cressi Quantum

MYR465.00 MYR372.00


Brand: Cressi

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The major innovation with the Quantum mask
is that as well as offering enhanced downwards
vision it avoids the fogging phenomenon through
the internal thermoregulation of the warm, damp
air exiting the nose. This air is channelled by a
system of membranes set in the moulding around
the eyes and nose and deviating the flow towards
the rubber skirt rather than the lenses.
The external part of the skirt features a cooling
system composed of two small heat exchangers
that act as radiators. The effect is that the
temperature inside mask drops, coming closer
to the external temperature and the droplets of
humidity are trapped before the air reaches the
lenses, preventing them from fogging up.
Despite the presence of the small internal
membranes deviating the air flow and the external
heat exchangers, the body of the Quantum mask
is nonetheless compact and represents the most
advanced design offered on the underwater vision
The lenses are not treated chemically and it should
be remembered that when the mask is new, as is
the case with all masks, we advise you to clean the
lenses carefully with toothpaste or dishwashing
detergent, or simply use a lighter to burn away all
volatile materials and dust that may have collected
on the glass. It is also always useful to use saliva
as a surfactant before every dive.