Odysea Neoprene Strap Cover

MYR20.00 MYR16.00


Brand: Odysea

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The best dive and snorkeling experiences are those where the topside world falls away and for a while, exploring and breathing underwater feel totally natural. But the instant any distraction or discomfort from your equipment intrudes, the spell is broken.

The neoprene wide comfort mask strap cover is designed to keep you in the moment by eliminating the three most common mask pain points: strap pressure, slippage and hair pulling.

The strap cover’s wide neoprene pad wraps around your mask strap and secures with a hook-and-loop closure. Once in place, the cover disperses pressure across a larger surface area to reduce that tight feeling at the back of the head and prevent scalp pain. The larger surface area also helps keep your mask in place without having to over-tighten the strap.

With this cover, there are no more worries about your hair getting tangled up in your strap and yanked painfully out by the roots when adjusting or removing your mask, either. The smooth surface easily slides over wet or dry hair without snagging.