V2 LED Flexi-Light Sticks - 8 Lumens



Brand: SRE

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Our Flexi-Light V2 is an upgraded version of Northern Diver's revolutionary V1 8 lumen LED alternative to chemical light sticks.

The Flexi-Light V2 stick can be twisted or bent during storage and even in use with no damage occurring. Flexi-Light sticks are offered in five colours and Infrared. The colour coded marker at the end allows the user to quickly identify the light colour: green, yellow, blue, red, white and Infrared. The wavelength of the IR Flexi-Light is 625-635 NM. It has a press to operate button under the coloured marker, which activates flashing, constant and off modes.

Our V2 Flexi-Light sports a new shape for the flexible silicone body. They've got a double sealed construction. The V2 Flexi-Light has been depth rated to 100m!

3 modes on the V2 with the addition of the high power mode.

  • Press once for Mode 1: Low power, burn time 40 hours
  • Press again for Mode 2: High power, burn time 22 hours
  • Press a third time for Mode 3: Flashing, burn time 42 hours
  • With the fourth press, the Flexi-Light is switched off.

The Flexi-Light was originally developed for military use as an alternative to chemical light sticks.

The reason we have the Infrared (IRR) option is because our Flexi-Lights were developed for military and special forces use to support troops on the ground and helicopters overhead as a more cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical light sticks. Unlike chemical light sticks, the user decides when to turn the Flexi-Light stick on or off. Replacing chemical light sticks with our reusable Flexi-Light V2's can help you make a significant cost saving at the end of each year. 

We love our V2 Flexi-Lights, but if you'd rather purchase our original model, click here.

Northern Diver's high intensity 8 lumens light sticks burn brighter and faster than traditional glow sticks.

These Flexi-Light sticks are up to three times brighter than standard glow sticks and are waterproof and depth tested to 100m, they are non-sparking and non-heat producing.

Used and loved by divers, rescue, police and military personnel.

Accessorise your Flexi-Light to support you use needs:

We offer a range of fixing options for your Flexi-Light to ensure you get the performance you need from our products.

Nylon Clip
Northern Divers re-usable slide on nylon Flexi-Light clip can be easily used on a range of equipment. A simple way to attach any Flexi-Light stick to your kit!